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Great system for the nursery! – I am a mother to a happy baby in the Big Apple. One reason is because my baby sleeps well, and mom sleeps well as a result. I have owned the LectroFan Jr for close to a month now. I live in NYC so I’m sure folks can imagine how noisy it can get here.I chose the pink unit because I have a baby girl. I really like that the machine is in a polygon shape!I am a math nerd, so I quickly realized the cute polygon…

SENT FROM G-O-D HIMSELF! – THE ABSOLUTE BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We moved into an upstairs apartment and our downstairs neighbors have 3 barking dogs. They let the dogs out in the front patio area at about 6 am. Every time someone walks by, a bird tweets or an ant crawls these dogs go into barking hysteria. We did everything to talk to management to even bordering up our bedroom window with sheet rock!!!…

Does a good job in a noisy city – For a long time, my husband wanted to get a white noise machine to help block out the street noise from our busy city block as well as mask my, um, penchant for loud snoring (he doesn’t hear his own; what can I say?). He finally got around to researching machines and settled on this one, even though it was substantially more expensive than its competition here on Amazon. Well, it works, and it works well…

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